Improve Your Posture, Improve Your Physique

Have you ever wondered why there are mirrors in the gym? No, it’s not just about looking good while working out. It’s all about your form! Along with proper form while performing an exercise comes the idea of proper alignment (posture) of your body. By improving your posture while exercising, you can instantly increase the results of your workout and stay injury-free!

Most injuries in the gym are caused by improper posture and bad form.  Unfortunately, many people learn their lifting techniques by seeing others in the gym or by watching video demonstrations online. Although the intentions are correct of learning new exercises to keep the body strong, it is imperative to learn proper form from a professional. It is equally important to have a postural specialist ensure that your body is in proper alignment before beginning a new workout regimen.

Proper technique and proper posture are essential when lifting weights to prevent the risk of injury and to get the most benefits out of the exercise. Always be sure to choose weights that your body can handle, if it is too heavy and you break your form, your body will not receive full benefit from the exercise. Exercises that usually see the worst postures and most serious injuries are those that involve the lower body or the lower back. While performing these exercises (such as squats, deadlifts, and lunges), concentrate on lifting slower and with more control of the weight, and always keep your core muscles tight to protect your back. Connect your mind on the move and be aware of your posture throughout all exercises.

Your posture follows you everywhere you go, even the gym. Next time you hit the gym, have your workout partner check your posture before starting your workout. Challenge each other to maintain the correct posture throughout the entire workout.

Put Your Posture to the Test
When viewed from the side, an imaginary vertical line should pass through your earlobe, the tip of your shoulder, your hip, and then through both your knee and ankle. If there is any deviation from this alignment, for example if your ears are in front of your shoulders or your shoulders roll forward toward your chest, you are set-up for potential injury.  Consult a postural specialist in your area for a full examination.


Written By:
Dr. Krista Burns DC, DRHA, CPEP, CPS
Doctor of Chiropractic
Doctor of Health Administration
Certified Postural Specialist
Co-Founder American Posture Institute

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