Our Certification Programs:

Certified Posture Expert

Our #1 Ranked CPX Program gives you a Unique Expert Position. A focus in practice and marketing so you have a clear and promotable message which brings in more clients, and increases your income.   Focusing on Static (Structural) posture analysis and correction protocols, systems, & strategies we will help you grow your practice.  Achieve that dream practice you wanted confidently helping clients while your practice & income grows.  No more struggling month to month.  Become the expert and watch your prestige and income grow.   

Become The Go-To Expert

Certified Postural Neurologist

Our CPN program has revolutionized Neurology Education by offering for the first time affordable, implementable & practical neurology protocols that get results like never before seen. Rediscover your self purpose and desire with confidence and understanding of the neurologic system. Quit using scarcity tactics to scare patients into care. Discover a new sense of purpose when you finally understand exactly what is wrong, communicate it clearly and help your patients get immediate results.  Start delivering with implementable, practical & affordable neurology education.

Be The Expert You Have Always Dreamed Of Becoming

Certified Ergonomist

Our CErg Program is the top rated professional program in online ergonomics education, leading the Movement against Sitting Disease. We will help you to be recognized and respected, with a new exciting program that adds an extra source of income at almost no extra work to you.  Watch your clients, staff and community see you as the expert who makes a difference. Enjoy increased joy with all the praise you will receive from helping your community with both onsite ergonomic assessments as well as Virtual Workspace Evaluations. 

Be the Expert That Makes a difference in your community.

Our Advanced Courses:

Chronic Pain Solutions

With Advanced Chronic Pain Solutions you will FINALLY understand pain and have the clinical certainty to look your patients in the eyes and tell them you can help them get out of pain.

Advanced Vestibular Rehabilitation

Get profound results with your vertigo and balance patients.  Never be confused on how to help a vertigo patient.  These advanced analysis & correction protocols will make you a HERO to balance compromised and vertigo patients.

Posture Taping

4 Modules with everything you need to master posture taping and become the expert.  Including the posture taping flow chart & 7 categories of posture taping. Stop being a YouTube taper!

Vibration Therapy

Understand the theories, brands, & Needs while mastering vibration therapy.  Clinical analysis & applications of vibration therapy with insights into the different types of models, units, and protocol

Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation

Ocular Neuro Rehabilitation is an advanced course covering the role of the visual system in postural control for more in depth neurology analysis & correction of the posture system.

Head Posture Analysis

Use this course to enhance your skills and competence at correcting even the worst cervical posture through specific protocols, without the use of X-Rays.Get predictable, consistent results every time.

Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation

Neuro Respiration Rehabilitation is an advanced course covering the role of neurology in respiration & postural control for better postural correction and breathing results.

Posture Archetype 

Become an Official Posture Archetype Professional with the Posture Archetype Professional online course!  Posture Archetype Professionals have greater success in generating new clients!

Advanced Posture Screen Training

The Posture Screening Kit is the ultimate referral system for pre-educated new patients. Discover how you can instantly turn referrals into new patients with the Posture Screening Method.