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We offer a Unique Expert Position for healthcare professionals to become the 'Go-To' Posture Experts in their Community, by providing them with the BEST online posture education in the World.
Our Motto is "Your Success Is Our Priority"!

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We have helped thousands of healthcare professionals in more than 50 countries worldwide become the Posture Expert in their communities. Here's what a student who recently completed one of our programs had to say...

Dr. Jean-Marc Slak

Bedford, Massachusetts

Excellent program!  I would give it 10 stars if I could. Over-deliver is an overused term, but API really does it.  The program is so much more than I expected.  More content. More support. More Value adds.  But also more actionable and smart info.  This si the key to hack into the nervous system for massive and fast results, yet it is not a shortcut.  Depth, width, & impact.  Dr. Krista keeps you engaged the whole time.  This is so good I bought it for my wife too.  Truly ground breaking & extraordinary in a world where you usually see recycled and rehashed banalities or multi year unusable courses. If you know me, call me, I'll be happy to share how well this works in my office. 

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Our 3 Professional Certifications have helped thousands of healthcare professionals in more than 50 countries worldwide become the Experts In Their Communities.  Everything program offers 100% implementable & practical education protocols.

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We are the Worlds Leader In Postgraduate Online Posture Education

Our Mission is To Help Healthcare Professionals Become The Expert

We believe in objective, result oriented analysis & correction programs.

Our programs have been designed by one of the "Most Certified" Posture Experts On The planet.  Dr. Krista Burns went from working in a clinic that was failing, being on the "treadmill of failure" (working so hard, but never moving forward), to niching down into posture and building one of the most successful posture practices in the country, working with 5 professional sports teams as the "official Posture Expert", giving posture talks in hundreds of small and corporate businesses, and implementing a Posture Education program called "Better Posture For Brighter Futures" in the public school system, all while she was helping thousands of patients a year get results they had never seen before. 

Now fully focused on helping healthcare professionals get that same success in practice she is 100% committed at the American Posture Institute to helping YOU Become The Posture Expert with our online programs. If you are ready to finally become the Expert you have always dreamed of becoming, then let's get started together.

Our #1 Core Value At the American Posture Institute Is Your Success Is Our Priority!