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Learn The Initial Skills To Becoming The Posture Expert

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Guide To Functional Movements

9 Page guide covering how to analyze functional movements in your office.

7-Day Posture Reset

Position Yourself As The Expert - Give Your Patients This Guide!

Build Your Neuro Kit

Top 7 Tools To Use In Postural Neurology

Guide To Posture Analysis

Use this 7 Page Guide to learn how to accurately & Objectively do a posture analysis.

Expert Posture Research Ebook

24 of the most important research studies relating to posture

6 Figure Posture Protocol

Implement these simple posture protocols to increase your revenue by $100k

Official Ergonomic Workspace Guide

Design your office and give the advice needed to have an ergonomic workspace

Implement Posture Into Your Practice

8 easy steps to quickly implement posture correction into your office.

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Experts Are Chosen First

5 Reasons To Become A Posture Expert

Instant Validation of All Posture Analyses

Up to 90% of healthcare professionals perform posture evaluations incorrectly!

Research Supports Posture Imaging

Posture Imaging is one of the most useful clinical analysis tools for complete postural analyses

Patients Get Posture

3 New Patient Marketing Strategies

Doctor Of The Month

Dr. Krista was recognized as the doctor of the month by the Circle Of Docs

The Killer Impact Of Hyperkyphosis

3 Must Read Research Articles

Designed To Be Athletes

The human body was perfectly designed to perform dynamic movements

Causes Of TMJ Disorders

Forward Head Posture & Cervical Spine Linked To TMJ Disorders

Educational Video Clips

The Spinal Push Test

Wade Technique For Posture Analysis

Posture Imaging

Pathologic Effects Of Poor Posture

Spinal Misalignment

Bio Sustainability

CPC Protocol

Complete Posture Correction

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