FITPosture is an advanced functional posture program designed to increase athletic performance and prevent sports related injuries. FITPosture is the only postural program of its kind, integrating a complex postural analysis of static and dynamic posture to determine postural distortions of the static athlete and postural compensation patterns of the athlete in motion. Functional protocols of postural correction include the three fundamental components of the American Posture Institute postural correction system: spinal alignment, postural rehabilitation exercises, and postural habit re-education. FITPosture utilizes these fundamental principles in a way that is specific to the needs of competitive athletes ready to rise to their peak level of performance.

Every year teams lose key players to preventable injuries. These injuries can be prevented through the FITPosture program, and your team can gain the winning edge.

Posture correction for teams and athletes

Posture correction to enhance athletic performance falls into two categories: pre-season proactive preparation, and peak functional training during the competition season. Pre-season preparation protocols integrate functional posture exercises with regular spinal alignment treatments to get the body in proper shape. The functional exercises are designed to increase strength, improve balance and coordination, and increase proprioception. Pro-active preseason preparation is a key way to stay healthy and prevent injuries during the season.

As the season begins, and athletes have regular training sessions and competitions or games, the focus is to keep the athlete in optimal shape so the body peaks instead of plateaus. This is achieved by continued spinal alignment treatments, postural re-education techniques designed by the American Posture Institute, and a shift to postural rehabilitation exercises. Postural rehabilitation exercises include spinal traction to ensure proper function of the joints and curvatures of the spine. Vibration therapy is utilized during the competition season and pre-season to equalize the center of gravity of the athlete.

Common factors

It is estimated that currently 70% of amateur athletes suffer from postural distortions. These statistics are absolutely astonishing! This means that 70% of aspiring athletes are training and competing with a decreased functional capacity of their body and with improper form making them more susceptible to preventable injuries. If you want to be the fastest athlete in the race, or the best team in the league, don’t make the mistake that your competitors are doing- don’t neglect your posture.

The consequences of neglecting your posture are immediate and long-term. Immediate effects include muscle aches, joint pain, and acute traumas. Long-term effects include chronic muscle strains, herniated discs of the spine, headaches, pulled muscles, ligament damage, decreased respiration, and inhibited circulation.

Stay in alignment

Keeping the body in proper alignment allows the entire kinetic chain of the body to balance correctly and utilize the muscles and joints in the most efficient way possible. This ensures optimal athletic performance and increased longevity of the athlete’s career. FIT Posture was designed for athletes who want to have an edge over the competition. Are you ready to take your game to the next level?

Imagine the possibilities

Posture plays an important role in every aspect of an athlete’s ability to perform. Athletes commonly suffer from repetitive micro traumas (from doing repetitive actions such as kicking a soccer ball or running on uneven surfaces). With time, this can affect the kinetic chain alignment of the body.

If the right hip is out of alignment, for example, the body naturally compensates by placing additional weight on the left hip and left leg. The muscles of the left lower extremity are now working overtime. To hold the body upright against gravity, the paraspinal muscles of the right side of the spine become hyper contracted and there are generally visual misalignments of the level of the shoulders and the scapulae. This also causes increased pressure to the discs of the spinal column, predisposing the athlete to early onset spinal degeneration.

FIT Posture program details

  • State of the Art Posture Analysis of each athlete  performed by a Certified Postural Specialist from the American Posture Institute
  • Detailed explanation of the findings, with areas of highlighted weaknesses and potential injury points
  • A pre-season and during season posture program designed to correct the athletes posture
  • Functional and postural exercise program that can be implemented individually for injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Tips and advice for injury prevention and performance enhancement
  • Continual re-evaluations of athletes to observe postural changes and improve outcome.


11.6% of athletes will have a sports injury.

Coaches and trainers are promoting posture, strength, and conditioning to protect players from injuries.

Female college athletes suffer from up to 5 times as many ACL – anterior cruciate ligament – injuries as male athletes.

Pulled hamstrings are a common result of postural distortion patterns.

More than 30 million athletes are injured every year.

Many injuries are avoidable. It’s not luck it’s preparation.

Strains due to improper alignment (posture) are the most common type of sports injury.

One in five athletes will experience back pain severe enough to limit the amount or type of exercise he or she can do, with one in 20 unable to perform at all.

Athletes that invest in a posture program receive 6 times the return on their investment.

Find out how your team whether small or large can utilize the FITPOsture program. A healthy posture equals a healthy athlete.

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