The American Posture Institute is dedicated to being the worlds leading professional resource for Posture-related information, technology, products, and correction systems. At the American Posture Institute we intend to create a new culture of health and wellness, by increasing the quality of life of each individual through Posturology.

Our Vision Is to raise the standard of health in the community from a reactive sick care model to a proactive health care model through Posturology. To increase the quality of life of each person by providing an energetic atmosphere of love, healing and knowledge. To help educate schools, children, adults, and businesses of the importance of proper postural hygiene.


There are hundreds if not thousands of gimmicks and clinics that offer to help correct your posture. However, NONE of them have the American Posture Institutes 3 Fundamental Components for Postural Correction called Posturology. Combined with all 3 aspects of aligning the spine, rehabilitating the core postural muscles, and re-educating your daily posture habits makes the American Posture Institutes advanced postural correction system so effective that it has guaranteed results. With our 360 degree postural correction system we don’t just patch the problem we correct it for long-term results. Even better, we deliver these results in as little as 12 Weeks.

We know you most likely have tried many other techniques or health professionals, and many times have not received the results you wanted. Our system delivers results. It gets you better, keeps you better, and allows you to start living the life you have always dreamed of.

Don’t wait any longer. Get answers and results with the American Posture Institute. Become one of the thousands who have completed the 12 Weeks To Better Posture, and are more than satisfied with their results.


With our “State of the Art” Postural Analysis and Correction Technology, the American Posture Institute doesn’t just give you a treatment plan. We show you exactly why you are having these problems in the first place with accurate and clear findings using our Postural detection technology. We work in a collaborative team manner assisting you in the process. We help show you what is wrong with your posture and function. We don’t talk down to you, or at you.  We guide you, so that you can understand where the problem is and how to correct it.

With our computerized Posture Analysis software from the United States we offer a visual explanation of exactly where your problems are arising from. With our one of a kind Surface Electromyography developed by a NASA trained expert, we can see exactly where the tension is coming from along your spine, as well as see where the nervous system is being limited. This incredible technology can only found at the American Posture Institute

After a thorough explanation of your findings by one of our highly trained specialist, you won’t leave confused, or uncertain of what is wrong. You will know exactly where the problem is originating from, and how to correct it. This technology is so effective that it can actually detect areas of future problems to help you understand where you may have complications in the future. This is one of the most fundamental reasons to have a posture analysis even if you are not suffering from any pain or problems. This is one of the reasons why so many of our current patients choose American Posture Institute, and send their friends and family.

When is it better to know you have a problem? Now? Or when your health begins to degenerate? Come see why so many others are chose the American Posture Institutes systems of postural detection and correction.


The Posture Specialists from American Posture Institute are the back bone of our system. Each of our specialists is highly trained through the American Posture Institute’s “Postural Certification” Program. Giving them in depth knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Their knowledge on how to analyze and detect postural problems is second to none.

The doctors at the American Posture Institute have received the highest levels of training and education. Each doctor has completed an advanced doctoral program to receive their degree with in depth knowledge of anatomy, function, and the nervous system. They are experts in the field of postural detection and correction. In addition each doctor continues to advance his/her knowledge and abilities to help patients receive the best most effective care possible.

Due to their high level of expertise, many of the Doctors have spoken on local and national television networks, radio stations, and written for national journals/magazines as experts of the topic of posture and health. The doctors of American Posture Institute are regularly requested to speak at professional seminars, as well as training other health professionals on postural detection and correction. It is common knowledge that the American Posture Institute has the highest caliber of health professionals available.

In addition to being highly trained and knowledgable on all things posture, the team at American Posture Institute is also one of the friendliest. Our team is known for our eagerness to make everyone feel comfortable. We look at our clinics as a home away from home. Each person who walks in to the American Posture Institute is treated with the same good will as we would show a friend entering our house.

Our motto at API is “create an energetic atmosphere of love, healing and knowledge”. Come find out why so many others are referring their loved ones to the American Posture Institute.  We are looking forward to meeting you.

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