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Long-Term posture correction requires a 360-degree approach to posture improvement; the 12 Weeks to Better Posture program is exactly that! Throughout these 12 weeks we will be focused on improving the alignment, balance, and core control of your body. More specifically, this program is designed to correct the alignment of your spine , to re-train dysfunctional muscle patterns while lengthening and stretching chronically contracted muscles through Postural Rehabilitation exercises, and to re-educate your daily posture habits through Postural Habit Re-Education.

Long-term postural correction is obtained with emphasis of three foundational components: Spinal Alignment, Postural Rehabilitation & Posture Habit Re-Education. Thus, this 12-Week program integrates very specific re-alignment techniques, and important exercises to improve the movement of your joints and the balance of your body against gravity.

Your first visit

The First Visit at an American Posture Institute will consist of three interactions. The first part called The Postural Health Connection. We will clearly explain the strategies, options, expectations and information pertaining to the postural program. This is one of the most important encounters each person will have as it is imperative that each person knows exactly what the American Posture Institute consists of, how the process operates, and what is expected of them in this process. The importance of knowing what will happen, and how your posture functions is vital for minimizing misunderstanding, or potential misconceptions.

The second part of the First visit is the postural examination. This includes a thorough evaluation consisting of a Biomechanical analysis of the body, spine, and nervous system, a State of the Art Postural Analysis, a Myovision sEMG scan of the spine, followed by a spinal evaluation for points of postural instability. At the conclusion of this intrinsic evaluation the Posture Expert will give the first treatment.

The final part of the First Visit is the Report of Findings and will involve a detailed explanation of all of the results from the examination. This will be a written report with all the Functional Deficiencies noted, postural analysis, and a specific listed postural instabilities along with a summary of all the findings. In this encounter a specific Functional Health Score will be given along with a Care Plan on correcting these postural problems to quickly arrive at optimal health.

The exam

At the American Posture Institute you will receive a thorough examination to locate the exact cause of your problem.  Our Postural Practitioners are experts in postural analysis.  During this first examination we will evaluate how your body is working on a functional level, including correct movement patterns, functional assessments on sensory, muscles, and equilibrium.

The results

Using the specific American Posture Institute System of analyzing posture and dysfunction we will give you a detailed and written explanation of the causes of your problem. You will sit down with one of our specialists who will describe the specific findings from the examination, and where the source of your problem is generating from.

With this detailed Functional Health Score devised by the American Posture Institute the Doctor can give you a specific care plan to help you get the results that you need as quickly as possible.

These results will also be recorded and used to help you track your progress during the care plan. This allows you to see each step of the way how your body is changing and progressing with the program.

The treatment

Using a technique called the Complete Posture Correction Protocol, the posture expert will assess your posture and help gently make structural corrections to your alignment. It is so effective and powerful that you will be able to instantly see changes before in after.  This is guaranteed and why you will have a full length mirror to see for your self.  The treatment generally takes anywhere from 2 – 5 minutes, is pain free, and effective.  After that you will move on to the posture rehabilitation exercises.

Postural exercises

The American Posture Institute has developed one of the most effective postural rehabilitation programs that focus on the fundamental Posture ABC’S: Alignment, Balance, Core Control & Stretching/Strengthening.

During your 12 Weeks To Better Posture Program you will have specific postural exercises that target each of these areas. These exercises will progress during your program along with your progression. Each exercises is designed to target a specific area fundamental to proper posture.  These movements are also vital for correct lifetime posture. These exercises are designed to allow you to perform them at the comfort of your own home.

The simplicity, yet effectiveness of this program allows any person to be able to perform this program. Specific instructions will be given to each person to help them understand how to correctly perform each movement. With this progressing program there is never a plateau as the program continues to develop and progress around the individual. This one of a kind Postural Rehabilitation program designed by the American Posture Institute has been shown to get results where most other postural programs fall short.


Through this journey to better posture and better health, you will be guided by a team of experts in their field.  You will be shown all the fundamental factors in achieving your health goals, while having a team of specialists in working with you to accomplish your goals, and live a healthier, pain free life.

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