The American Posture Institute has developed over the years, through clinical practice and research specific programs designed to increase awareness on proper postural hygiene and correct postural distortions.

We are here to help every individual whether you are one of the many patients involved in the Posture program in one of our API Clinics or have children that you know could benefit from improved postural awareness and improved postural habits. Each of these programs is designed to establish fundamental postural knoweldge that allows the learner not only to increase their knowledge but also to instantly incorporate important posture tips, exercises, and habits into their daily life.

Our programs are designed to help groups learn quickly and easily what is their current posture pattern, while taking away fundamental information on how to improve postural habits at home and in the work place. Additionally the American Posture Institute is dedicated to developing other qualified posture specialists who can become important health educators in their communities by showing and teaching the Posturalogy system developed by the American Posture Institute. So whether you are someone who wants to start a specific posture care plan to improve your health, or are someone who wants to organize a group session to improve the quality of life of you and your coworkers, we have a program designed for you.

One of our most talked about Posture Programs is designed to improve proper posture from the start by implementing correct postural hygiene habits in the schools. This program targets each important area from teachers, students, and parents, along with why posture is important, and how to improve your daily habits.

WE OFFER THE best postural correction system

Our programs represent the best postural correction systems available. In Posturology we use the American Posture Institutes 3 fundamental concepts for posture correction: Spinal alignment, Postural Rehabilitation, and Postural Habit Re-education.   With these three essential foundations we can remold your posture and your health where it needs to be. Your posture is what you make it and during this 12-week intensive postural correction system you will design your posture to be correct.

A monumental flaw that most other postural programs make is trying to correct a persons posture simply by during postural exercises. Not only is this not effective it can actually increase problems for the person. You cannot correct an alignment problem by working only with the muscles. This is how the American Posture Institute developed the best postural program in the world. We first correct the alignment of the spine, allowing each person to find maximum postural alignment. Then we reinforce this correction with postural rehabilitation. Using specific exercises, movements, and techniques, such as vibration therapy, to transform the core musculature of the body to reinforce and maintain that correct alignment. However, you cannot simply fix the problem and expect it to stay corrected if you don’t first change the causes of your problem. This is where the American Posture institutes first of it’s kind Habit Re-education program comes in. We help mold and reshape each person’s daily habits to not only correct their current posture, but to also protect their posture from degenerating in the future.

These three fundamental concepts to the American Posture Institutes postural correction system are why we can guarantee results. Every person who follows the 12 Weeks to Better Posture Program finishes with improved posture, and increased health.

It is also important to remember that posture is not just for cosmetic purposes. The degeneration of posture directly influences health. As the spine degenerates it affects the nervous system, causing decreased function, and increased pain.   Don’t wait till you begin to show postural distortions. Start now correcting and protecting your posture.

Our programs are designed to be adapted to all ages, and degrees of postural degeneration. It is never too early nor too late to start correcting and protecting your posture.

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