Why I work with Sports Teams

 As I stood there the lights shining down on my face, and the crowd cheering from the stands behind, reality set in. We Won. We just won the national championship. We are national champions.

This was my first national championship with the Parma Panthers. Since then we have been to the national championship 6 years in a row. We have won 5 of the last 6 times we have played in these championships.   This is one of the 3 teams I have worked with that has won a national championship. It never gets easier, and the desire to win never subsides.

I don’t work with professional sports teams just for the glory of winning a national championship. I don’t do it for fame or for the income. I do it because when you are a part of a sports team you are family. You are a part of the team. Every person on that team has a role.

In football the quarterback directs the offense. On defense the linebacker tackles the running back. The coach calls the plays leading the team. The manager puts everything in position to give the team the best chances for winning, and me, the Posture Expert, I am there for one reason. A very important reason.

I am there to make sure that every player on that team, including the coaching staff can perform their jobs at the best of their ability, without injury, at a high level of performance.

As a posture expert I make sure that before these warriors go into battle they are aligned and fine-tuned to give them the extra 10% they need to outrun the guy chasing them. I ensure their hips are aligned so when they have to make quick turns the muscles and joints of their legs function perfectly so they don’t tear an ACL, or pull a hamstring. I check them for postural distortion patterns, and then correct these faults that cause injury and limit performance. I correct muscular dysfunction that alters the normal range of motion of the shoulder limiting the ability to throw precise fast pitches. I work with the restrictions of the feet causing gait disturbances that can slow an athlete by more than 3/10th of a second. The time that is often the difference between 1st and 2nd place.

When my athletes stand in front of me, I see more than just postural distortion patterns. I see hope, I see fear, I see determination, I see dreams.   I see the players when they succeed, and I am there when they fail. I help them overcome misfortune on the field, and I prepare them to give their all.

My role is often a quiet one, in the training room, or from the sideline. My name is not in the headlines of the paper after our victories. When the players are interviewed, god, mom, and the teammates are often the go to statements.

That is fine, that is not why I work with athletes. As I am working with that athlete, he knows that I care, that I am doing whatever I can to make sure he is successful and healthy, we are family. I am there to ensure the best for him, for his safety, his health, and his performance.

As I finish scanning them for postural distortion patterns, and I ensure them they are ready to perform, they look at me with confidence, with appreciation. The look often followed by the statement, “Doc, I don’t know what I would do with out you”.

That is the reason I work with athletes. The joy and satisfaction that comes from being apart of something bigger than yourself. Knowing that I make a difference. That I have a role. A very important role. My job is to make sure that every player on that team, including the coaching staff can perform their jobs at the best of their ability, without injury, at a high level of performance.

When I perform my role correctly, they can perform theirs. When that happens, we win!

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Dr. Wade Is the Official Posture Expert:
Parma Panthers – Pro Football
Parma Pro Baseball
Parma Pro Women’s Basketball

Worked With Individuals from:
Parma Pro Volleyball
Parma Pro Boxing
MMA Fight Factory
Dinamo Mens Pro Basketball
Womens Pro Softball
Zebra National Rugby

Dr. Wade’s 7 National Championships:
Parma Panthers Pro Football: 5 Times: 2010 – 2013, 2015,
Division C Soccer: 2014
Flag Football Under 21: 2014

Dr. Wade has Worked with more than 450 Professional & Semi Professional Athletes

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