From Urinary Incontinence to Posture Competence

“There is something I never told you,” states Andreana, a bright 29-year old patient who sought postural correction treatment for neck pain. “My entire life I suffered from urinary incontinence, and was constantly embarrassed to be in public” she continues with an ashamed look on her face. “I used to avoid all physical activities, and would carry extra clothes with me each day, just in case I had an accident.”

The expression on her face then changed from shame to a quick smile. “ I never mentioned it was a problem because I didn’t think it was related to my posture, I really just wanted my neck pain to go away when I came in. After I started this treatment, though, the major change I noticed was that my incontinence has completely passed! I am so happy! Honestly, I was hesitant to believe it at first because I thought maybe it would come back and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. But after 3 months I haven’t had a single accident. After three months I finally signed up for the pilates class I have been wanting to try!”

Andreana suffered from a physiologic consequence associated with postural distortion patterns. Like many others in her position, she identified herself with the manifestation of health breakdown. She planned her day around the potential of having an accident. She avoided social situations because of the anxiety associated with other people knowing her “problem.” She even avoided activities she wanted to do with her family for fear that she would be disappointed by the outcome. Incontinence was the problem; low self-esteem, high anxiety, and timid posture were the expression of this problem.

What no one told Andreana previously was that her incontinence was related to her postural presentation. She never knew that the structure of her posture is directly related to the physiologic function of her body. The posturology paradigm that proper posture predicts health and wellness and postural degeneration predicts health breakdown was a new concept to her.

After she began a treatment plan of Complete Posture Correction, her mind was changed forever. She discovered her body’s expression of true health, understanding the direct relationship of structure and function. She hadn’t made the connection between core strength and pelvic control. Her whole life she was waiting for the next accident to occur. What she discovered with postural correction, however, was that she could actually prevent that next accident from happening by strengthening her core and keeping her pelvis and lumbar spine in proper functional alignment.

The quality of Andreana’s life dramatically improved with symmetric healthy posture. She went from a state of constant public embarrassment to confident posture. She engages in activities she has always wanted to do. She no longer has anxiety about incontinence and is able to enjoy her life with less stress. Oh, and not to mention, her original “chief complaint” of neck pain went away too!

Click here to read the next blog post where you will Understand the Miracle as we explain the physiologic presentation!  What is the postural and physiologic presentation of a patient presenting with urinary incontinence, and how does it affect the Posture System? Find out here (Link)


Written By:
Dr. Krista Burns DC, DRHA, CPEP, CPE
Doctor of Chiropractic
Doctor of Health Administration
Certified Postural Expert
Co-Founder American Posture Institute

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