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Confidently Analyze Brain Function

  • Learn the specific & complete brain based posture analysis
  • Understand what & why you are analyzing on every patient
  • Master the 3 Minute Neuro Scan for quick & easy analysis
  • Make the connection between neurology & dysfunction

Implement Effective Practical Brain Based Corrections

  • Become the Doctor You always dreamed of becoming
  • Specific Action steps to build brain based treatment protocols
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Here's What's Inside the Certified Postural Neurology Program

Certification From The American Posture Institute

Why Is Postural Neurology Different?


How To Use Webinars To Build Your Practice

Ready to step into the 21st Century and start generating patients with a ZERO cost strategy? Get insights in how to communicate with your community in order to generate new patients, and communicate your message.  See how quick and easy running a webinar can be. Increase retention by offering on going added value campaigns. Grow your practice through expert positioning.

Value of $400

Quick Start Postural Neurology Implementation Guide

This guide can be used to see the most efficient ways to implement Postural Neurology into your practice regardless of the size or location or practice style. What tools you need, how to implement them, and get you up and running right away.  Get started on the path to success right from the start!

Value of $1,000

Patient Conversion Hacks Vault

How to pre-educate your patients for increased conversions, the neuro report for increased compliance, the most common questions with best practices answers, and the 2 minute postural neurology explanation for your patients. This vault continues to grow.  Every new advancement gets placed here!

Value of $1,999

Access To Private CPN Forum

Get daily tips, tools, & resources for the Postural Neurologist through this private forum.  This allows you to ask questions, network with other like minded experts, and be the first to get any new information, updates, and added value gifts from the American Posture Institute.

Value of $400

Brain Based Posture Analysis Checklist

Use the BBPA checklist to record each patient's findings allowing you to quickly and easily implement brain based posture analysis into your practice.  Print off the form to keep in your exam room, or add to your ipad for a paperless method to ensure you get everything recorded during the Brain Based Posture Analysis.  Never miss a thing with this checklist.

Value of $200

Postural Neurology Patient Education Poster

The brain based postural neurology poster can be used when communicating with your patients how posture and brain function affect their health. Use this professional poster to increase patient compliance, and increase referrals.  Bring everything together while looking professional and communicating a clear message to your patients.

Value of $200

Full Pay Bonuses

New Patient Tactics (Full-Pay Bonus Only)

Strategies on how to use community workshops, professional collaborations, added value webinars, and Facebook positioning to grow an overflow of new patients.  Add each individual strategy into your new Postural Neurology mindset and practice.  Create collaborations that would have been impossible before.  Build community workshops to generate an extra $10,000 a month.  Social media and expert positioning to grow your practice predictably every month.

Value of $2,000

Patient Education Materials (Full-Pay Bonus Only)

Get 30 full days, 1 entire month of brand new patient education materials. Including a mixture of educational blogs, PDF handouts, and social media shareables that come UNBRANDED so you can use them for your own clinic to increase patient satisfaction & NEW Patients.

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Get the course now and keep it forever.   Not ready to start tomorrow? No problem, start when you are ready, when you have more time, or when you feel like it.   Get ALL FUTURE UPDATES, Enhancements, improvements, and add-ons. Anything we do to make the course better, you get access to it. (We never stop improving, so this means you are in for a lifetime of great new enhancements).  This is available to ALL payment options!

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The World's Only 100% Online Neurology Program

terms apply

No RISK!  Jump into the Certified Postural Neurology program risk free for 60 whole days!!  Complete the course and the associated materials and if you still can't analyze brain based posture and get results we will refund you every penny!


Maybe You Have A Question?

I don’t have very much free time, how could I do a whole Postural Neurology program? Well, here’s the truth, that’s exactly why the Postural Neurology program was created in the first place, to make your life easier not harder. That’s why we’ve created this program to be 100% online so you can access it at the time that is best for you. And since it’s online, you can do it at your own pace. Plus, just think about how much time and money you’ll save by not having to travel to 20 different seminars.

Does Postural Neurology work with [insert technique or protocol here]? You can insert any technique system or protocol that you want into that blank. And again the short answer is yes. Postural Neurology doesn’t stop you from doing your techniques, it empowers you to use that technique or system with certainty because you’ll know the neurology behind what you are doing, and how it works. And if for some reason there’s something that you still aren’t certain about, you can ask us in the Facebook group, and we’ll let you know.

Can I actually learn neurology online? Of course you can! We’ve been teaching online postgraduate courses for a while now. We have thousands of professionals just like you who have enhanced their knowledge through these programs. As a matter of fact, online learning is most likely going to become the most common way we learn in the future. So if this is your first online course, we are happy to show you how new ways of learning can make your life simpler, easier, and better.

What do I need to take this course? You need Internet and a device that lets you connect to the Internet.

What if I enroll, do the course and don’t like it? First off, we highly doubt that will happen. We have a 96% VERY Satisfied rating because our programs are top of the line. I mean they are the best! But No Worries. We offer a 60-Day – 100% Money back guarantee. Complete the course, and supportive materials and if you still can’t analyze brain function and get results we’ll give you your money back. Every last penny! AND we’ll let you keep the course!! (That’s how confident we are).

What if I get stuck, is there someone there to help me? Although other programs may not care about you after you’ve enrolled and paid for their program, or charge a large fee to access them, that’s not us. Our motto is, “Your Success is our Priority” and you can ask anyone of our thousands of previous students and they’ll tell you the same thing. Which is why we have a 96% VERY SATISFIED rating. So to answer your question more specifically, we have a private forum, and direct email contact so that all of your questions get answered when you need them. Additionally, we provide ongoing webinars, study materials, videos, and other tools to help you along your journey.

What if I’ve already done other neurology programs? Well unless you were able to take that complex information you learned and make it into a simple system that makes your life easier and gives you quick and practical analysis and correction strategies, then Postural Neurology is definitely for you. And with that, having more knowledge on neurology can only make you more successful. So yes.

What if I did your Certified Posture Expert program, do I still need this? You already know the power and importance of posture, which gives you a head start. This is going to take your knowledge on posture and magnify it by 1000! Showing you why what you do work, and providing you more knowledge and tools to get better results faster. So yes, Postural Neurology is definitely for our CPE’s.

How does the cost of your program compare to the cost of other neurology programs? In comparison to the other programs, it’s one twentieth of the price. It’s so much more cost affordable that just trying to put it into comparison is hard to grasp. While the other programs may cost you the price of a car or a small fortune, our program was designed with your needs in mind, and is affordable on any budget. We were able to do this by offering the program online, and giving those savings directly back to you where they should be.

Is this just theory, or are there actually practical things I can use with patients? And that’s an absolute YES. That’s one of the main reasons that Postural Neurology was built upon. All practical, with enough theory to ensure you understand it and can succeed.

I just graduated can I still do this program? 100% yes, it will jump start your success.

I already have an established practice, why should I implement Postural Neurology? It’s a no-brainer, it explains everything you do, improves your results, and makes practice fun again.

I don’t have a lot of extra money right now   - Totally understand. Many of our students come on board because they are struggling in practice, which sometimes means low finances. That is why we offer several payment options, for those who want to get started right away regardless of finances.


I am chiropractor, is this right me? Absolutely, this will help you understand the power of an adjustment and why what you do work with the nervous system and how to directly influence the brain. You’ll understand why what you do as a chiropractor is actually influencing the brain and how to target that information for better more reliable results. (Want to know exactly why & how the adjustment work?? The answer is waiting for you)

I’m not a manual therapist and I don’t use manipulation, can I still get results? No problem! One of the beautiful parts about the brain is that a stimulus is still a stimulus. Whether it comes from a spinal adjustment, movement, vibration, or any other stimulus you can put into the body. So, even if you don’t adjust the spine, or you are a low force practitioner, you can still get incredible results.

I have a really small clinic - This program can be implemented in any practice size. There are at home options for posture rehabilitation, and we give strategies on very low cost, effective ways to get great results, again in any practice size. (P.S. when we first started we were in a very small office too – Posture Correction is what helped us grow to our bigger facilities)

I don’t want to completely change my clinic - No problem, keep it the same. There are so many aspects to this certification that you can literally implement portions and not even change the physical aspect of your clinic.

Don’t want new equipment - You don’t have to buy anything to implement this program! Are there things that can be of benefit? Yes, of course, but we created this program so that any practitioner, on any budget, with any size clinic can participate and become the Posture Expert! So you don’t have to purchase any new equipment if you don’t want/aren’t able too.

I am just an associate - Perfect! Number one struggle for associates when they get out into practice is not knowing where/how to set up their clinics and practice. (oh and that little thing about getting new patients). This program is so great for associates as it gives you exactly what you need to make some of those big decisions & get started out in success!

It’s too expensive - Fair statement. However, compared to many of the other programs that are out there, this is very competitively priced. Not to mention we are knocking 50% off for you right now! Plus if you focus on the positive, picking up just a few new patients would cover the whole program. Implement the posture workshops and you should get that EVERY month!!

I am high volume; I can’t spend extra time doing a posture program! We understand, and we have been there too! That’s why we teach some easy ways to either implement at home posture programs, or to teach your staff the non “doctory” stuff!! You keep your numbers high, and your patients get more for their “dollar” and feel more “taken care of” which increases patient satisfaction and compliance.

How can anything “important” be taught in an online course! Same way you learn it sitting in a seat in front of a teacher. Biggest difference, you don’t have 100 smelly people sitting next to you, that seat is actually your couch, and that teacher is on your big screen. And for those of you who like to ask lots of questions. . . . that’s why we have the private CPN forum, ask any questions you have during the course. We will answer any questions you want. Remember, Your success is our priority!

I don’t get any CE’s for this course? Yes & No. If you are in Europe, Canada, & Australia this course should qualify for your CPD credits. USA Chiros, there are like a ton of states, and each board has different requirements, and yearly renewals! We would rather spend that time, giving you more awesome learning opportunities than doing paperwork! HOWEVER, most states do give some portion of your CE’s as home study! Bingo, this qualifies for that! So yes, many of you can get some CE credits for this course. If you need us to write up a letter or send “proof” just let us know! We got your back!

Where is your research? Interesting question. We hear this sometimes from the “overly research focused” types. You have seen them, the “Prove it to me with research” guys. Well we could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars researching our “strategies,” but honestly we are more interested in research that actually benefits YOU! We have many studies on going, which should be published soon, and plenty more on the horizon. Almost all of these are focused on the Public Health aspect! This benefits you, because it gets you into more schools, corporate businesses, News Interviews, etc. The only people who really care about a “technique having research” are the practitioners. We tend to think along the lines of “Try it, if it works great, if it doesn’t then don’t use it!” No need for research when you have common sense. (P.S. if you are interested in participating in any research studies please let us know, we can always use more help!)

Hear What They Are Saying:

Founders Of The American Posture Institute

You have two choices: Accept things as they are or accept the Responsibility To Change them. This is something the founders of the American Posture Institute, Drs. Mark Wade & Krista Burns take very seriously. Through their professional careers they have experienced the sting of failure, and the pains of challenge, and while on their journey to success, dedicated themselves to becoming the world’s leading Posture Experts. Their commitment to learning and forward progress allowed the American Posture Institute to become one of the most successful posture clinics in the country. Their success expanded through the communities as they established one of the top posture programs for children in the school setting, called “Better Posture For Brighter Futures”.   Working with more than 274 professional athletes and collaborating as the official posture experts for 5 professional sports teams gave great insight into human function.

After experiencing success from failure Drs. Mark & Krista set out to help other professionals avoid those pains, creating the “Certified Posture Expert” program, which quickly became the Number One rated online posture certification in the world.   Having helped thousands of healthcare professionals become the posture expert in more than 33 countries worldwide, Drs. Mark & Krista knew there was critical need for better access to higher level learning opportunities.   Using this motivation the American Posture Institute became the world’s leading professional resource for postgraduate online advanced posture education.

However, it didn’t stop there. Drs. Mark & Krista have an insatiable hunger for learning as well. As they continued to master more knowledge and deeper understanding of posture, neurology and human function they realized the incredible disconnect with health care professionals and the understanding of the brain.



Although many great programs exist they fail to evolve from the complexity of difficult to access, great expense and impracticality of implementation, which led Drs. Mark & Krista to create the Certified Postural Neurology program.   With an emphasis of mastering great depth into the neurology of the posture system they focused on developing quick, easy, and effective protocols for analysis and correction strategies.   This program is destined to eradicate the tremendous knowledge gap between the brain and posture, allowing health care professionals to fully understand what is happening in the body, and to know with certainty how to implement successful correction strategies.

Although the journey for Drs. Mark & Krista is just beginning they have etched their place as the World’s Most Certified Posture Experts with a combined 4 Doctorate Degrees, 50 Advanced Certifications and more than 1,000 hours of post-graduate study into posture, neurology & Human function.

What Not Understanding The Brain Is Costing You!

The only program in the world designed to quickly and effectively assess neurologic postural dysfunctions, determine the exact origin of distortion, and get immediate results through the application of specific targeted brain based corrections.

Master the foundations of postural neurology through the complete understanding of the neurologic connection between the Eyes, Spine & Vestibular systems. Understand in totality the neurologic connections that make the posture system, the primary systems that allow for efficient and effective human function.

Realize that every patient is a neurologic patient once you understand how each part of the brain specifically relates to the various functions in the human body. Know with certainty how to assess the correct neurological variations and then apply specific, effective, and results oriented brain based postural correction strategies.

Walk away from this program as a Certified Postural Neurologist from the American Posture Institute and begin seeing the world in a way that you have never before. Increase your certainty, results, and satisfaction in practice knowing that you have the most in depth understanding and ability to influence the neurology of the posture system.

This program was created for health care professionals that strive to get the best objective results possible with their patients. Never be stumped by a patient’s clinical case presentation again. Come into realization that every patient is a neurologic patient.

This 30 hour post graduate certification is 100% online in an easy to access, cutting edge system that gives you full control of your advanced learning. If an enlightened understanding of neurology with superior clinical results is what you are seeking, then the Certified Postural Neurologist program is for you.

Deep Dive Inside Postural Neurology

Module 1:

Evolution of the Human body as it relates to the Posture System. Discover why your posture makes you human. Why your environment is creating postural decline and how that is affecting your brain. Discover the needs of modern day patients and how every patient is a neurologic patient.   Understand the Pain to brain neuromatrix and how pain lives in the brain not the body. Understand why brain lateralization is important in daily life. Discover the relationship between posture and the limbic system, how your posture literally reflects emotions in the brain.

Module 2:

Neurology 101: Understanding the basics. Overview of the structure and function of the neurologic system. Histology of the neuro synapses to understand the most fundamental part of the neuron. From there we take a gross overview and discuss the individual lobes of the brain from a functional standpoint. Progressing more internally the role of the basal ganglia, thalamus, and limbic system are dissected further.

Module 3:

Now this is a deep dive into the specific neurology of the posture system. Find out how the Ponto-Medullary Reticular Formation is the preeminent designer of your posture. Learn the specific pathways that control upright posture and determine coordinated functional movements. Understand how these separate neuro anatomical structures function together to determine the overall design of the body. See how each system can be utilized to enact immediate physical changes. Discover why 90% of cortical output is dedicated to your posture and how important the function of the posture system is to overall health and longevity. You will be introduced to the foundations of postural neurology through the Eyes, Spine and Vestibular systems. See how these three systems can influence the entire posture system and create neuroplastic changes.

Module 4:

In this module we get clinical by determining the origins of distortions in the brain. Understand the difference between a hard neurologic lesion and functional posture distortion patterns. We will cover the necessities of ruling out red flags. Then empower you with the knowledge of the Brain Based Posture Analysis. This overview will give you with 100% certainty the ability to determine the exact origins of distortions in every patient. Plus discover the Neuro Scan which makes being clinical efficient in this quick but effective scan of the posture system.

Module 5:

Here we get into the application and implementation of correction. Discover brain based posture correction protocols that can be implemented in ANY clinic of ANY size, ANY where in the world. Learn how to create brain based posture correction rehabilitation programs through the Eyes, Spine, and Vestibular systems. You will specifically learn the most effective neurologic inputs to get sustained postural changes.   Plus we review the most powerful ways to create neuroplastic changes in the posture system.

terms apply

No RISK!  Jump into the Certified Postural Neurology program risk free for 60 whole days!!  Complete the course and the associated materials and if you still can't analyze brain based posture and get results we will refund you every penny!


Pay Monthly