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This is your chance to become the go-to Postural Neurology Expert in your community.

Becoming a Certified Postural Neurologist brings you massive benefits that will enable you to hugely grow your business.

Imagine if...

  • You Could See What No Other Doctor Saw
  • You Were Happy & Enjoyed Practice
  • You Were The Doctor You Dreamed Of Becoming On Graduation Day
  • You Could Get Results & Feel Certain In Practice
  • You Got Paid What You're Actually Worth
  • Problems Were No Longer Elusive & Results Were Immediate

If you want those results to be your reality, Postural Neurology is for you.

Here's why you'll LOVE Postural Neurology:

Our Simple 3-Step Process:

Postural Neurology compared to the “Old Model” of neurology

Postural Neurology helps you get better results by integrating simple, brain-based postural analysis & easy-to-implement corrections. Compare that to the “old model,” which is difficult and impractical to implement.

The “Old Model”

Outdated, Boring, and ineffective

  • Every boring, difficult-to-implement program you invested in cost about $20,000.
  • You traveled most weekends to attend 21+ seminars.
  • Your neurology knowledge came from complex "over my head" seminars with little practical application.
  • The information you gained wasn’t implementable. You spent the money, time, and energy – yet you ended up practicing the exact same way as before.
  • Most of what you learned focused on the 1-in-a-million patient – not how to help your everyday patients.
  • You spent most of your time learning things that didn’t help you – instead of getting better results, making more money, and helping more people.

Postural Neurology

A.K.A. the “New Model” helps you...

  • Understand your patient at a neurologic level
  • Enhance specific neuroplastic changes that solidify results
  • Get results for EVERY patient
  • Make more money
  • Have certainty in your practice protocols
  • Analyze brain function in under 3 minutes
  • Increase patient compliance
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Create specific, effective treatment plans
  • Generate more referrals
  • Help more patients
  • Understand & communicate why what you do works

Who Is This Posture Certification For?

If you’re a healthcare professional – in any field – who wants to improve their practice and their patients’ results, this certification is for you.

The Certified Postural Neurology Program was developed by combining leading posture correction strategies from all healthcare professions. Those strategies were translated to an easy-to-understand format for any healthcare professional who wants to use active strategies to improve posture while educating to improve compliance and results.

This program is designed to help you master neurology of the posture system and analyze brain function in 3 minutes or less, with practical & implementable strategies.

Current students include:


Massage Therapists


Personal Trainers


Manual Therapists

Physical therapists



Enrollment Options

We’ve created a fee structure that is accessible for everyone. Here are the different options that are available:

Introducing our Certified Postural Neurology Program

Certified Postural Neurology is a 100% online course consisting of 30+ hours of self-paced coursework.

Explore the modules below to find out what we cover in the course!

What some of our students have to say about their experience with our CPN course:

  • "I found great benefit from doing the Certified Postural Neurology online course.

    I have 33 years of clinical experience and became a Diplomat of Dr. Carrick's Neurology program over 20 years ago.

    What I've found very useful in the CPN program is the actual application of the neurological rehabilitation. I have always known that posture affects our physiology but I never had the experience of putting all the information together until I took this course.

    The added benefit is the absolute dedication and service of both instructors, Drs. Burns & Wade. Highly recommendable!!

    - Randall Jones

  • "This is an excellent program. I have done post grad in rehab, paediatrics, biophysics, etc. This helps to tie a lot together. Besides it is great to look like a hero when you pick out a child's problem in front of the parents and explain why. Then you fix it and the parents are so thankful. Then you fix the parents. It is all great. I like to stick to chiropractic and neurology and be able to support what I do. Love it."

    - Bob Rowe

  • "API's Certified Postural Neurologist course was a comprehensive experience for re-learning much of the neurology that I have forgotten since graduating chiropractic college 20 years ago. Not only will this information help my patients but it also gave me some neuroplastic change in simply challenging my brain again. I found the course to be well-laid out, easy to do in small bits of time, user-friendly and intuitive, and certainly made me feel like much more of a posture expert. Thank you, API."

    - Amy Mercovich

  • "Highly recommended course! I graduated Chiropractic college in 2011 and I have been looking for a program that would improve my analysis skills, understand and relate the posture physiology with the brain. I found tremendously helpful all the information and the rehab protocols. Thank you so much , Dr. Krista and Dr. Mark for taking my practice to another level."

    - Joaquin Sanchez Hernandez

  • "Great program. It takes a very complex subject and makes it practical and easy to incorporate. I would highly recommend it to anyone, from the new Doc, to a seasoned veteran, this program really over delivers. Great job!"

    - Giovanni Bisanti

  • "I am absolutely loving the CPN Course. It is challenging me to help my clients in a new and refreshing way. Dr. Krista and Dr. Mark have developed a gem of a program and their love and passion to help others shines through in every way. They really do want to see us succeed as well. Thanks!"

    - Sylvia Goroski

Money-Back Guarantee

Now, I know you’ve been promised the world before, and that other programs have promised to make you the expert but have fallen short. You don’t have to worry about that with the Certified Postural Neurology Program.

We’ve certified health care professionals in over 40 countries worldwide and have maintained a 96% VERY SATISFIED rating among our community of experts. Our motto at the American Posture Institute is "Your Success is Our Priority." When you engage in the learning process and follow our easy-to-implement programs, you too will experience success that will transform your career.

That's why you’re covered by our 60 Day money-back guarantee. If you can't analyze brain-based posture and get results after completing the course and associated materials, we’ll refund every penny of your investment. AND YOU KEEP THE COURSE!!! (Terms & Conditions apply.)

We have 100% certainty that our Certified Postural Neurology program will give you all of the tools that you need to take your skill set and business to the next level and get optimal results.

We're the ONLY company that offers this kind of guarantee. Why? Because our program is the best on the market – and we know you'll LOVE it.

Check out our Enrollment Options

We’ve created a fee structure that is accessible for everyone. Here are the different options that are available:


Bonus Number 2

How To Use Webinars To Grow Your Practice

$1,000 Value

Ready to step into the 21st Century and start generating patients with a ZERO cost strategy?

This bonus will help you:

  • Understand how to effectively communicate your message and generate new patients from your community
  • See how quick and easy running a webinar can be
  • Increase retention by offering ongoing added-value campaigns
  • Grow your practice through expert positioning

Bonus Number 3

Quick-Start Postural Neurology Implementation Guide

$3,000 Value

This guide will help you determine the most efficient ways to implement Postural Neurology into your practice – regardless of its size, location, or practice style. Find out which tools you need and how to implement them, so you’re ready to get up and running right away. Get started on the path to success right from the start!

Bonus Number 4

Patient Conversion Hacks Vault

$1,999 Value

Get access to everything we know about converting prospects to patients.

In this bonus, you’ll learn:

  • How to pre-educate your patients for increased conversions
  • How to achieve increased compliance with the neuro report
  • Your prospects’ most common questions – and our best-practices answers
  • How to explain postural neurology to your patients in 2 minutes

This vault continues to grow. Every new advancement gets placed here!

Bonus Number 5

Access To Private CPN Forum

$900 Value

Get daily tips, tools, & resources for the Postural Neurologist through this private forum.

As part of our community, you can:

  • Ask questions – and get educated responses
  • Network with other like-minded experts
  • Be the first to get any new information, updates, and added-value gifts from the American Posture Institute

Bonus Number 6

Brain-Based Posture Analysis Checklist

$500 Value

You’ll never miss a thing with this checklist.

Use the BBPA checklist to record each patient's findings, allowing you to quickly and easily implement brain based-posture analysis into your practice. Print off the form to keep in your exam room, or add to your iPad for a paperless method to ensure you get everything recorded during each Brain-Based Posture Analysis.

Bonus Number 7

Postural Neurology Patient Education Poster

$200 Value

Use this professional poster to increase patient compliance, improve results, and increase referrals.

The brain-based postural neurology poster makes it much easier for you to explain to your patients – quickly and clearly – how posture and brain function affect their health. And when your patients understand why your strategies work, they’re much more likely to implement them.

Bonus Number 8

And the Very Best Bonus of All... Lifetime Access!

$400/Year Value

Get the course now and keep it forever.

Not ready to start tomorrow? No problem. Start when you’re ready, when you have more time, or when you feel like it.

When you buy today, you’ll get ALL FUTURE UPDATES, enhancements, improvements, and add-ons. Anything we do to make the course better, you’ll get access to it. (We never stop improving, so this means you’re in for a lifetime of great new enhancements.)

Bonus Number 9

FIRST TIME EVER BONUS: Postural Neurology Study Groups

$1,200 Value

You don't have to go it alone. Join one of our Study Groups to help guide you through the program alongside other motivated professionals.

Work through the Postural Neurology program with a group of your peers. Stay on track to master the material and finish the program in 13 weeks and be ready for success.

  • Get weekly updates, reviews, and helpful study material.
  • Work together with up to 12 professionals in a group, weekly study topics, with follow-up reviews.
  • Get help, motivation, and community as you work alongside other motivated professionals just like you aiming to improve their clinical skills and grow their practices.

Your success is our priority and in this brand new optional program we are certain you will...

  1. Finish the program
  2. Master Postural Neurology
  3. Have fun doing it
  4. Make great connections with other professionals.

Afraid you might not be able to keep up?? No worries, we regularly restart a new group. So you can jump in to the right one at any time, even if you need to take a break and come back into it later.

The following bonuses are available if you choose the "Full Pay" enrollment option...

Full-Pay Bonus Number 1

New Patient Tactics (Full-Pay Bonus Only)

$2,000 Value

Never be short of patients again.

This full-pay-only bonus includes:

  • Strategies for using community workshops, professional collaborations, added-value webinars, and Facebook positioning to ensure you always have new patients to fill gaps in your schedule
  • Tips for implementing each growth strategy into your new Postural Neurology mindset and practice
  • Insights to help you create collaborations that would have been impossible before
  • A blueprint for building community workshops that generate an extra $10,000 a month
  • Social media and expert positioning tips that help you grow your practice predictably every month

Full-Pay Bonus Number 2

Patient Education Materials (Full-Pay Bonus Only)

$700 Value

Get 30 full days of brand-new patient education materials, created to increase patient satisfaction and bring you new prospects on autopilot.

This bonus includes a mixture of:

  • Educational blogs
  • PDF handouts
  • Social media shareables

All of the materials come UNBRANDED, so you can use them as-is for your own clinic. That means you can start using them to bring in NEW patients right away.

Full-Pay Bonus Number 3

Second Postural Neurology Certification FREE (Full-Pay Bonus Only)

$4,500 Value

There’s power in numbers. When you pay in full, you can take on this new challenge with an associate or colleague in your office – for no extra cost.

When you give a second Postural Neurology Certification to someone you work with, you can:

  • Master Postural Neurology together – making it easier for you to become the doctor you’ve always wanted to be
  • Watch the entire office shift and level up as your results go through the roof
  • Practice the Neuro Scan and get the fundamental concepts down as a team, to ensure the easiest and quickest implementation possible

Don't go it alone when you can combine forces with a teammate.

So Just to Recap...

You’re getting a total value of $9,199 in standard bonuses, plus an additional value of $7,200 in full-pay-only bonuses, absolutely free!

That $16,399 in free bonuses is my gift to you for taking action and enrolling in the Certified Postural Neurology course right now.

Enrollment Options

We’ve created a fee structure that is accessible for everyone. Here are the different options that are available:

The Postural Neurology Difference: How Understanding The Brain Can Revolutionize Your Practice

The Certified Postural Neurology program was created for healthcare professionals that strive to get the best possible objective results for their patients.

This is the only program in the world designed to quickly and effectively assess neurologic postural dysfunctions, determine the exact origin of distortion, and get immediate results through the application of specific, targeted brain-based corrections.

In CPN, you’ll master the foundations of postural neurology through a complete understanding of the neurologic connection between the eyes, spine & vestibular systems. By the end of the program, you’ll understand in totality the neurologic connections that form the posture system (i.e., the primary systems that allow for efficient and effective human function).

Once you understand how each part of the brain specifically relates to the various functions in the human body, you’ll realize that every patient is a neurologic patient – and that realization will revolutionize your practice.

By understanding postural neurology, you’ll never be stumped by a patient’s clinical case presentation again. You’ll know with certainty how to assess the correct neurological variations and apply specific, effective, and results oriented brain-based postural correction strategies. As a result, you’ll have more confidence, get better results, and feel more fulfilled by your work.

Becoming a Certified Postural Neurologist from the American Posture Institute will change everything about the way you approach your practice and your patients.

If you’re ready to start getting the results you’re capable of – after just 30 hours of 100%-online training – the Certified Postural Neurologist program is for you.

100% Tested, Proven & Satisfaction Guaranteed!!

Thousands of Certified Postural Neurologists are currently practicing in 40 different countries worldwide, making this one of the most far-reaching, successful posture certifications in the world.

When you join the American Posture Institute's tested & proven program, you enter the ranks of the the top 1% in the posture profession.

No other program, anywhere in the world, gives you everything you need to become the go-to Postural Neurology Expert in your community. And every step of the way, you’ll receive complete support backed by the American Posture Institute's motto: "Your Success Is Our Priority!”

Join today to find out why thousands of practitioners worldwide are now successful Postural Neurologists.

Enroll Now & Become The Expert. Then Implement, Grow, & Monetize Your Posture Practice!

  • Highest-rated online posture certification on the planet
  • 100% online – no need to travel!
  • Keep the course for life (and get free updates forever!)
  • Save $2,500 (limited time only!)
  • Get over $13,000 in bonuses
  • LOWEST PRICE EVER (price is doubling very soon!)
  • Private online forum for continued support & growth
  • Objective clinical posture correction systems
  • Tested & proven program
  • Implement, grow, & monetize your posture practice
  • Immediately implement in ANY clinic of ANY size, ANYWHERE!
  • 96% VERY satisfied rating from previous students
  • Get access to free monthly webinars
  • Risk free – 1 YEAR money-back guarantee
  • Free membership to Posture Nation Elite
  • 1 FREE ticket to the Posture Expert Live event
  • FREE additional CPN certification for an associate or colleague in your office
  • Access to our Patient Conversion Hacks Vault, as well as 10 other amazing bonuses
  • Stay ahead of the health care curve – be the expert
  • Become more referable
  • No other certification even similar
  • Learn from the MOST CERTIFIED posture experts on the planet

Enrollment Options

Check out our Enrollment Options

We’ve created a fee structure that is accessible for everyone. Here are the different options that are available:

What people are saying about our Certified Postural Neurology Course...

This program has been tested and customer-approved with a 96% "VERY SATISFIED" rating. With thousands of Certified Postural Neurologists in more than 40 countries worldwide, you can be confident that you’re joining the best of the best -- the top 1% in the posture profession -- with the world's highest-rated posture education program.

Featured Testimonial: Dr. Kyle McCandless

Dr. Kyle McCandless is an Australian chiropractor and long-time member of our community. He's here today to chat about his practice and his experience with American Posture Institute.

Dr. Dave McCann

Dr. Jose

Dr. Matt Garofolo

Dr. Joseph Gross

Dr. David Harper


Ian Roberts

Dr. Alexandra

Dr. Randall Jones

Kyle Mcannless

Dr. Howard

Dr. Amy

Dr. Chris Cameron

Dr. Fabien

 Dr. Arjan Kuipers

Dr. Kyle Gulledge

Dr. Gary


Dr. John

Dr. Jerry

Dr. Randall

Dr. Michael

Dr. Giovanni

Dr. Howard

Dr. Shelly Persad

Dr. Angela Hall

Dr. Steven

Dr. Pal Lindseth

Dr. Jordan Bowen

Dr. John Erickson

Dr. John

Dr. Amanda

Michael Bloom

Dr. Julie

Dr. Jane

Dr. Eric

Enrollment Options

We’ve created a fee structure that is accessible for everyone. Here are the different options that are available:

About the Founders of American Posture Institute

You have two choices: accept things as they are or accept the responsibility to change them.

That’s the simple philosophy that drives the founders of the American Posture Institute, Drs. Mark Wade & Krista Burns.

From the beginning of their careers, Drs. Mark and Krista have dedicated themselves to learning, forward progress, and becoming the world’s leading Posture Experts. That commitment helped the American Posture Institute to quickly become a successful posture clinic. Their success expanded beyond their practice and through communities as they established one of the top posture programs for children in several schools, called “Better Posture For Brighter Futures.” In addition, working with more than 274 professional athletes and collaborating as the official posture experts for 5 professional sports teams gave them great insight into human function.

As you might have guessed, those massive successes didn’t come without the stings of failure or pains of challenge. After overcoming countless hurdles on their way to success, Drs. Mark & Krista set out to help other professionals avoid the difficulties they experienced.

First, they created the “Certified Posture Expert” program, which quickly became the #1-rated online posture certification in the world. After helping 1000s of healthcare professionals – in over 40 countries – become posture experts, Drs. Mark & Krista knew there was critical need for better access to higher-level learning opportunities. With this as their motivation, the American Posture Institute became the world’s leading professional resource for postgraduate online advanced posture education.

And that was just the beginning. As Drs. Mark & Krista continued to satisfy their insatiable hunger for knowledge and deepen their understanding of posture, neurology and human function, they realized something profound: most healthcare professionals don’t have a functional understanding of the brain. As a result, they’re not getting the results they’re capable of – for either their patients or their practice.

Although many great neurology programs exist, they’re invariably complex, difficult to access, expensive, and impractical to implement – so Drs. Mark & Krista set out to create something better. The result is the Certified Postural Neurology program. With an emphasis on mastering the neurology of the posture system, CPN delivers quick, easy, and effective protocols for postural analysis and correction. This program is destined to eradicate the tremendous knowledge gap between the brain and posture, allowing healthcare professionals to fully understand what is happening in the body, and to know with certainty how to implement successful correction strategies.

Although the journey for Drs. Mark & Krista is just beginning, they have solidified their place as the World’s Most Certified Posture Experts with a combined 4 Doctorate Degrees, 50 Advanced Certifications and more than 1,000 hours of post-graduate study into posture, neurology & human function.

In this program, they aim to pass some of that knowledge on to you.

Dr. Mark Wade

Certified Postural Neurologist, Certified Ergonomist, Certified Posture Expert, Doctor Of Chiropractic

Dr. Krista Burns

Certified Ergonomist, Certified Postural Neurologist, Certified Posture Expert

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have very much free time. How could I do a whole Postural Neurology program?

You’re in luck. The Postural Neurology program was created for busy doctors – and it was designed to make your life easier, not harder. That’s why it’s 100% online, so you can go through it at your own pace, at any time that works for you.

Put another way, you’d likely have to travel to 20+ different seminars to learn what we teach you in this program. Just imagine how much time and money you’ll save by having it all available in one, convenient place.

Does Postural Neurology work with [insert technique or protocol here]?

The short answer is “yes.” Our students have successfully tested Postural Neurology with all kinds of techniques, systems, and protocols.

Postural Neurology doesn’t stop you from using your preferred techniques, protocols, or systems – it empowers you to use them with greater certainty. By becoming a Certified Postural Neurologist, you’ll know the neurology behind what you’re doing, and how it works, which will help you to better serve your patients.

If you still have questions about how Postural Neurology relates to your practice, you can ask us in the Facebook group, and we’ll let you know.

Can I actually learn neurology online?

Of course you can! We’ve been teaching online postgraduate courses for years – and thousands of professionals just like you have learned neurology through our programs.

Online learning may seem new and unfamiliar now, but it’s proliferating rapidly – and it’s on track to be our default method of learning in the future. If this is your first online course, we’re happy to show you how this method of learning can make your life simpler, easier, and better.

What do I need to take this course?

You need Internet and a device that lets you connect to the Internet. (The device and connection you’re using to read this page are probably enough.)

What if I enroll, do the course, and don’t like it?

Don’t worry – we really don’t think that’ll happen. Our programs are the best in the world, and we do everything in our power to exceed your expectations. 96% of our students give our program a “VERY Satisfied” rating.

However, if you do end up having issues of any kind, you’re covered by our 12-Month 100% Money-Back Guarantee. (To qualify, complete the course and supportive materials. If you still can’t analyze brain function and get results for your patients, we’ll give you every penny of your money back. AND, because we stand behind our course, we’ll let you keep it.)

What if I get stuck? Is there someone there to help me?

Other programs may not care about you after you’ve enrolled and paid, or charge high fees for personalized help, but that’s not us. Our motto is, “Your Success is Our Priority” – and if you ask any one of our thousands of previous students, they’ll attest to that. Our commitment to helping you overcome roadblocks is one of the many reasons our program has a 96% VERY SATISFIED rating.

To answer your question more specifically, there are 2 places you can get personalized support when you need it:

  • A private forum for immediate help from your peers
  • Direct email contact with us

We’ll also be holding regular webinars for live support, and make sure you have access to study materials, videos, and other tools to help you along your journey.

What if I’ve already done other neurology programs?

If you’re reading this, it’s likely that other programs haven’t given you the results you know your practice is capable of.

Our Postural Neurology program takes complex information and transforms it into a simple system that makes your life easier. You’ll get the information you need to help patients understand what you do and practical analysis and correction strategies to get them dramatic results.

What if I did your Certified Posture Expert program? Do I still need this?

Definitely – they’re complementary courses, but they’re not the same.

If you’ve done our CPX program, you already know the power and importance of posture, which gives you a head start. CPN is going to magnify your knowledge of posture by 1000 – and it’ll magnify your results, too.

In this program, we’ll show you why what you do works (so you can explain it to your patients, increasing compliance and retention) and provide you with more knowledge and tools to get better results, faster.

So yes, Postural Neurology is definitely for our CPXs.

How does the cost of your program compare to the cost of other neurology programs?

CPN is 1/20th the price of other neurology programs. It’s so much more affordable, in fact, that doing a side-by-side comparison is almost impossible.

While other programs may cost as much as a car (or a small fortune), our program was designed with your needs in mind – so it’s affordable on any budget. We’re able to keep prices low by offering our program online, and passing those savings on to you (where they should be).

Is this just theory, or will I actually learn practical things I can use with patients?

This certification has so many practical applications. In fact, practicality is one of the primary foundations that Postural Neurology was built upon.

Everything you’ll learn is immediately usable in your practice, and was designed to get your patients results that bring you referrals. The theory we include is there to ensure you understand what you’re doing and are able to explain it to your patients.

You’ll get all of the information you need to succeed, and none that you don’t.

I just graduated. Can I still do this program?

100% yes! It will jump-start your success.

I'm a chiropractor. Is this right for me?

Absolutely. This will help you understand the power of adjustments, why what you do works with the nervous system, and how to directly influence the brain. You’ll understand the impact of what you do as a chiropractor on a neurological level, and how to use that information for better, more reliable results. (Want to know exactly why & how adjustments work? The answer is waiting for you.)

I’m not a manual therapist and I don’t use manipulation. Can I still get results?

No problem! One of the beautiful things about the brain is that a stimulus is still a stimulus – whether it comes from a spinal adjustment, movement, vibration, or any other stimulus you can put into the body. So, even if you don’t adjust the spine, or you are a low-force practitioner, you can still get incredible results.

I have a really small clinic. Can I still get results from this program?

This program can be implemented in any practice size. There are at-home options for posture rehabilitation, and we provide effective strategies that cost very little to implement. All of our strategies get great results, regardless of practice size. (P.S. when we first started we were in a very small office too – the posture correction strategies you’ll learn in CPN are what helped us grow to our bigger facilities.)

I don’t want to completely change my clinic.

No problem! Keep it the same. There are so many aspects to this certification – many of which require absolutely no physical changes to your clinic to implement.

I don’t want to buy new equipment.

You don’t have to buy anything to implement this program! Are there things that can be of benefit? Yes, of course – but we created this program so that any practitioner, on any budget, with any size clinic can participate and become the go-to posture expert in their community.

You absolutely do not have to purchase any new equipment if you don’t want to or aren’t able to.

I'm just an associate. Can I still get great results?

Absolutely. In fact, you’re in an ideal position to benefit from this certification.

I bet your #1 struggle right now is not knowing how to set up your practice – or how to get new patients. This program is so great for associates as it will tackle those challenges head on and give you exactly what you need to make those big decisions. We’ve learned all the hard lessons for you – all you have to do is enroll and get set up for success.

I'm interested, but I think it’s too expensive.

We totally understand. Many of our students come to us because their practices are struggling, which generally means they’re struggling financially.

That’s why we do all we can to make sure CPN is as affordable as possible. It’s offered entirely online to keep our costs down – and we pass those savings on to you. Currently, our program costs about 1/20th the price of other neurology programs.

For students who can’t afford to pay all at once, we offer several payment options – so that everyone can get started right away, regardless of finances.

And, for a limited time, we’re knocking 50% off of the price of our certification.

To put the price of our program in perspective, picking up just a few new patients will cover the entire program. If you implement the posture workshops, you should get that EVERY month.

I'm high volume. I can’t spend extra time doing a posture program!

We understand, and we’ve been there. That’s why we teach some easy ways to either implement at-home posture programs, or to teach your staff the non “doctory” stuff!

You keep your numbers high, while your patients get more for their “dollar” and feel more taken care of – which increases patient satisfaction and compliance.

How can anything “important” be taught in an online course?

The same way you learn by sitting in a seat in front of a teacher. The biggest differences? You don’t have 100 smelly people sitting next to you, that seat is actually your couch, and that teacher is on your big screen.

For those of you who like to ask lots of questions… that’s why we have the private CPN forum, which you can use to ask us (and your peers) any questions you have – big or small – during the course. Remember: your success is our priority!

Do I get any CEs for this course?

Yes & No.

If you’re in Europe, Canada, & Australia this course should qualify for your CPD credits.

It’s a little more complicated in the US. There are lots of states, and each board has different requirements, with changes being made every year. Most states do give some portion of your CEs as home study (which CPN qualifies for), but you’ll want to check with your local board to find out what your specific regulations are. In short: yes, many of you can get some CE credits for this course. If you need us to write up a letter or send “proof” just let us know! We got your back.

I already have an established practice. Why should I implement Postural Neurology?

In short, because:

  • It gives you new strategies and tools, both of which improve your results and help you take your practice to the next level
  • It explains everything you do (so you can explain it to your patients – which increases compliance)
  • It gives you a new challenge – and makes practice fun again

I don’t have a lot of extra money right now.

We totally understand. Many of our students come on board because they are struggling in practice, which sometimes means low finances. That’s why we offer several payment options, for those who want to get started right away regardless of finances.

This sounds great, but where's your research?

When preparing the Postural Neurology program, Dr. Krista reviewed around 1000 research studies. Rest assured, every aspect of the course is based on established scientific evidence. Dr. Krista was also published in the Journal of Neurology and Neurological Disorders for her work on Digital Dementia.

Be watching for publications in the following journals:

  • The International Journal of Psychiatry
  • The Journal of Medical and Clinical Research
  • The Journal of Addiction Research
  • NESSA Journal of Neurology and Neurodisorders
  • Open Access Research in Anatomy

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