This 12-Week program integrates very specific re-alignment techniques through Posturology, and important exercises to improve the movement of your joints and the balance of your body against gravity, while re-educating your daily habits for proper postural hygiene.

Spinal alignment

Proper spinal alignment is achieved through gentle realignment techniques of the spinal column. American Posture Institute’s Doctors of Chiropractic are highly trained specialists in detecting and correcting postural distortions of the spinal column. They are the only health professional trained at this level to detect spinal dysfunction and correct it safely.

Postural rehabilitation

Postural rehabilitation exercises are utilized to correct postural distortion compensation patterns. Postural distortions arise from spinal misalignments. Chronic spinal misalignments cause muscular dysfunction patterns affecting the movement of the body, weakened articular function, an unbalanced equilibrium, and abnormal curvatures of the sections of the spine.

Postural habit re-education

The importance of proper postural habits in postural correction is a key component to achieving long-term changes. The Postural Re-education system created by the American Posture Institute utilizes effective techniques to re-train your postural anatomy and physiology.


12 Weeks To Better Posture KIDS is designed to give your child the tools they need to grow up strong, healthy, and pain free. This program is designed to target key habits for kids to build proper posture and prevent health problems related to bad posture in a fun and efficient method.

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