Many times common chronic health problems are blamed on our age or genetics, but in reality the start of many of these problems have been linked to postural distortions. Incorrect posture is a significant reason for the start of many of these disease processes.

But how do we develop bad posture? The most common way is through our habits. Every person has a posture. You either have good posture or bad posture. There is no in between. The way we develop and maintain good posture is through proper postural hygiene habits.

Where is the first place we begin to develop our habits? At school. Currently 65% of your kids have postural distortions right now that can cause spinal degeneration. Our habits, how we sit, stand, sleep, and interact during our days develop our posture. Unfortunately there currently are no programs or activities in the school system to develop these proper postural habits. Which means our children are learning bad postural habits. Then kids grow up with bad postural habits, and develop the postural problems and diseases that are plaguing our society. This is one major reason why we as a society have grown up with so many chronic health problems.

The ABC’s of Posture


Healthy posture starts when we are KIDS with the proper position of the spine. Whether we are standing, sitting or lying down, gravity exerts a force on our joints, ligaments and muscles. When the body is in proper alignment, the bones, not the muscles support our weight, reducing overall effort and strain. The primary objective of the 12-Week Program for KIDS is to re-align the spine through gentle and safe chiropractic treatments of the spinal column. When the spine is in proper alignment, proper posture becomes natural for the body. Then our KIDS can grow up strong, healthy and with correct posture.

The American Posture Institute’s Posture Practitioners are some of the only doctors in the world trained to detect, analyze, and correct spinal subluxations. By correcting the spinal subluxations (or spinal misalignments), the spine can maintain a straight and balanced position, relieving paraspinal musculature of compensatory stress.


The position in which we balance our body to stay erect has a significant effect on our KIDS posture. If your KIDS spine is not in proper alignment, they generally feel less stable or experience discomfort balancing their body with the proper posture. For example, a person with a misalignment of the pelvis will naturally shift their center of gravity to one side, accentuating the misalignment.

Postural consciousness during daily activities draws attention to proper posture and coordination. By completing the KIDS postural corrective program, incorporating chiropractic and postural rehabilitation, it has been demonstrated to increase balance and coordination, and reduce the chance of falling by 55%. When KIDS grow up with stabile balance they have less pain, problems, and better health.

Core control

KIDS Posture exercises, when incorporated as a lifestyle habit, break the pain cycle and create a cycle of coordinated, full ranges of motion. When KIDS present with misalignments of the spinal column, the muscles naturally contract and become more rigid to compensate for these misalignments. This is felt as tightness at the base of the neck and shoulders and stiffness of the low back. To correct muscle dysfunction long-term, it is important to first re-align the spine, then identify the weak and chronically strained musculature. Once the muscular dysfunction patterns are identified, a specific postural rehabilitation protocol can be utilized to re-educate the muscle physiology. Many exercises in the program are specifically designed to increase KIDS core strength and core stability to improve posture. Your KIDS best time to create strong core control is while they are young. Developing this fundamental concept will benefit them their whole life.

Why parents choose 12 weeks to better posture KIDS

Fast and effective

The 12 Weeks To Better Posture KIDS program is one of the quickest programs available to effectively correct your child’s posture. This program locates the areas of postural distortions, then quickly and effectively corrects these distortions in 12 weeks. No parent wants his or her kids to develop disease or pain.  One of the best ways to prevent that is to ensure your child has proper posture. This fast paced program will correct their posture, and establish lifelong habits and techniques that your children can use through out their whole lives. Ensuring that they grow up healthy and happy.

Additionally this program was designed to follow a similar time pattern as the adult version, allowing both parents and children to participate in the 12 Week To Better Posture program with minimal time needed. Posture is a family event. A family with correct posture is a healthy family. Every parent wants a healthy family, with correct posture. This program gives you both.

It’s fun!

12 Weeks To Better Posture KIDS was designed specifically in a way to keep the attention and allow the KIDS to have fun. This program utilizes specific exercises targeted for KIDS allowing them easy comprehension of the movements, and to have fun while performing them. The exercises can be done in as quickly as 3 minutes. Your child will build strong postural core muscles, while improving their posture, and having fun in the process. Every parent wants his or her child to grow up healthy and to have fun. This program gives you both.

It’s safe

The 12 Weeks To Better Posture KIDS program is proven safe and effective. Backed by research and tested for safety and effectiveness, there is no other program available that delivers the postural correction results in as efficient time, while maintaining the safety of the child. This program is non invasive, and non painful. Thousands of KIDS have already participated in the 12 Weeks To Better Posture KIDS program, with guaranteed results, in a short period of time, with safe protocols. Every parent wants his or her child to grow up healthy and be safe. This program gives you both.

Kids need good posture

It works – guaranteed

This program is the best postural correction system for KIDS available. In this program we use American Posture Institutes, Posturology’s 3 fundamental concepts for posture correction: Spinal alignment, Postural Rehabilitation, and Postural Habit Re-education. With these three essential foundations we can remold your KIDS posture and health where it needs to be. Your KIDS posture is what they make it and during this 12-week fun and effective postural correction program they will design their posture to be correct.

These three fundamental concepts to the American Posture Institutes postural correction system are why we can guarantee results. Every KID who follows the 12 Weeks to Better Posture KIDS Program finishes with improved posture, and increased health.

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