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"This Program Changed Everything"

Dr. Nicholas, osteopath, explains how in 8 years he has tried everything, and was still struggling. After completing the CPE program he has found something that has changed how he views practice, given him a direction to follow, and has supercharged his success.  If Dr. Nic can do it, you can too!

Hands Down Best Posture Certification

Chris explains how the Certified Posture Expert program is hands down the best program available.  The combination between the best posture correction information and expert marketing strategies in this program set any one who takes it up for success!  That success could be your success!

Increased PVA, Weekly Visits, & Income!

Dr. Zsolt explains why the CPE program is rated the top program available.  He has tried them all, and has happily found the CPE program to provide the results he has been searching for.  Increased PVA, Weekly Visits, & Cash flow!  You could have these results too!

"A Must Do"

The International Posture Association says the ‘Certified Posture Expert’ program is a “Must do for all health care professionals”. What else is there to say!

– Zack, CO

"My Practice Soared!

By implementing the posture strategies in my practice my clinic grew by more than 200% in 7 months. My patients are happy with the added value they are getting from the posture correction

-Cristian, England

"Safe Referrals Are Key"

I have always struggled with referrals. I don’t like asking patients for them, but using Posture Imaging for safe referrals fixed that. I don’t have to ask, because the patients are sending their friends and family. Using posture imaging gives them a safe way to refer.

-Kelly, MO

Should Be 3x's More Expensive

Dr. Cristin, a functional neurologist, talks about how this program put posture together in such a way that she now has set her goals to become the posture expert in her community.  She said the program is so good, it should cost 3 times more money for this knowledge.

"After 25 years In Practice I Am Finally Happy Again"

Dr. Betsy, chiropractor, explains how after 25 years she has tried it all, until the CPE program.  It has given her the fire and passion to get back into practice and really help her patients.  The information in this program, couldn’t be found anywhere else.  Doesn’t matter if you are just out of school or 25 years in practice, CPE program can help you.

This Program Is Second To NONE!

Dr. Eric Nepute owns the largest brain-based clinics through out the midwest. After going through the program he says “This Works”.   He learned things that were completely new to him, and that is hard to do with his vast knowledge.

Learned More In This Program Than Anywhere Else

After 30 years in Practice Dr. Jan hopes to get just 1 take away from a program.  He learned more in this program than he has in any other program in a long time!  Find out what has Dr. Jan excited to be the Posture Expert in his community.


Dimitri, Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist, explains how his already successful practice just skyrocketed after implementing the protocols found through out the CPE Program. Patient results have never been better!  Whether you are struggling to get by, or have a thriving practice, the CPE program can help you get to the next level!

Thought I Was An Expert

After graduating school I thought I was a posture expert, but now I can honestly say I had no idea what I didn’t even know! I learned more about posture in this certification then the entire four years of my schooling. Before I was in denial, now, I know I am a Posture Expert.

-Steven, FL

Gave Me direction

I have always practiced like everyone else has told me too, especially as a female. I didn’t even know this was an option until I completed this certification. I now have set up my clinic the way I want it to be, and I am finally creating the practice that I want, not what everyone else says to do.

-Emily, IA

Graduate Problem Solved

As a new graduate trying to decide my way in practice, I couldn’t be any more satisfied than I am with this certification. It made everything more simple. Now I know exactly what I am looking for, and how correct it. And my clinical results have never been better.

-Edwin, IL

Need To Rewatch It Again

I Will Tell Everyone

You Deserve A Medal

Posture Workshops ROCK

There was so much to this certification, it really is the most in depth posture certification on the planet. One of the biggest bonuses I got from this, was the Posture Workshops. By doing these each month my clinic has added an extra 10 patients a month, and I am starting to be known as the Posture Expert in my community. Plus I didn’t even have to create them, they gave them to me with the certification.

-Sara, MN

Doubled My Income

I have seen a huge jump in my bottom line from adding the different posture protocols into my practice. Matter of fact in just over 6 months I have almost doubled my income. Best part is I am not spending any extra time, and my patients are actually more satisfied. Now that’s a Win-Win.

-Dave, AZ

I Love What I Do Again

I have been searching for something to bring a little more to practice. This posture certification and the principles it teaches gave me just that. I am no longer going to work, but every day is like a puzzle that I get to analyze and correct. I am so much happier in practice now that I have added posture correction.

-Nick, KS

Top Notch

Can't Wait To Implement

Very Satisfied

Success + Success = Success

I already had a successful practice, but I am always looking to enhance my skills. I have never even heard of many of these concepts, so it was a huge bonus to add posture. I didn’t even have to change my clinic, just by adding a few of the posture concepts I have a fresh new vibe and my patients love it.

-Brian, TX

Corporate Program

Getting into local businesses was something I heard a lot about, but had no idea how to do it. I mean I tried a couple times with no success. With the Corporate Posture Program I am not only getting into business, but businesses are starting to contact me to help their employees. I am now the posture expert, and my clinic is seeing the benefits.

-Brandon, CA

Patients Actually Understand Posture

Where to start? Everything about this program was incredible, but what I have enjoyed the most is the improvement in patient communication. Before my patients just kind of starred blankly at me, now using posture they get it. They are not only understanding but they are taking responsibility of their health, and they are able to explain it to their friends and family. So yeah definitely satisfied with this certification.

-Blake, OK

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